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We provide Display Energy Certificates for Public Buildings

If you're in charge of public buildings, our qualified staff can help you get a valid display energy certificate.

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Display Energy Certificate

One way to find out if a public building’s energy consumption and carbon emissions are within the permissible limit is to check its display energy certificate.

Though we are specialists for schools, we can also provide certificates for other public buildings in and around Birmingham. We also serve other areas in the UK including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Leeds and Liverpool. Let us know if you have any queries.

You can get Certificates for:

  • Schools

  • Hospitals

  • Dentists

  • Leisure Centres

  • Doctors Practices

  • Courts, etc.

If you run a large organisation in the UK, it is mandatory to have an assessment done under the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) to know the energy usage. At NRG Assessments, we have the qualifications to conduct this assessment at your premises.

Image by Erika Fletcher
Why Choose Us?
  • Expert advice and service

  • Fully accredited assessors

  • Sterling accreditation

  • Competitive prices

  • Quick turnaround

  • A wealth of property experience

Non Compliance

A penalty charge notice of £500 for failing to display a DEC at all times in a prominent place clearly visible to the public, and £1,000 for failing to possess or have in their control a valid advisory report. In addition to these penalties, it will still be necessary to commission the documents.

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